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Ann Crispin called last night asking me to reprise my "The Secret to Having your Short Fiction Published" guest lecture for her Beginner Writers workshop at Dragon*Con. So now my tentative D*C guest schedule looks like this:

  • Thursday noon - Ann Crispin's Beginner Writers workshop, "The Secret to Having your Short Fiction Published."

  • Friday 9/2, 8:30PM - "Censorship: Who should decide what's appropriate for kids or teens to read?"  With Kathleen David, Jo Sherman, and Todd McCaffrey.

  • Saturday 9/3, 1:00PM - "So, You Want to Write a Kid's Book."  With Kathleen David, Jo Sherman, Donita K. Paul, and Paul Alan Gratz.

  • Saturday 9/3, 8:30PM - "Fairy Tales: Not Made for Children."  With Dennis Keppel, Heidi Heiner, and Jo Sherman.

  • Sunday 9/4, 10:00AM - "Urban Fantasy and Faeries. " With Phil Brucato, Scott Haven, and Jo Sherman

Oof. Busy schedule. I may need to beg out of one of these so I can attend my DC2K writers group annual reunion dinner. 'Cept I don't know what day that's been scheduled for yet.

I was looking over my notes from the talk I did last year for Ann, and I'd like to update the content, but I'm not sure what I should add. So here's a shiny poll for all you writers out there:

What would you want to hear about/what should I discuss at my talk on marketing short fiction?

Trying to hold off the obligatory panic attack at the notion of speaking in public, but I feel the sharp anxiety claws beginning to dig in. Gleep.

In other, non-panic-attack-inciting news, I had a very good sales day yesterday.
56-day SALE to the Thou Shalt Not anthology--my second to this project. Very pleased 'bout this as I wrote both flash stories expressly for it.
63-day SALE to the premiere issue of Fantasy Magazine, slated to debut at the World Fantasy Convention in November. It promises to be a beautiful production. Here's a mock-up of the cover:

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