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Kind Hearts, book vending machines, and car trouble, oh my!

Had a lovely dinner with terracinque last night. Home baked veggie pot pie and beer bread, and a crisp white zinfandel (courtesy Glenn) to wash it down. And cupcakes a la Glenn for dessert. I was a bit perplexed at the beer bread. I had to leave it in the oven for an extra fifteen minutes and the middle was still a bit doughy. Weird. Perhaps I accidentally used too much beer? Or perhaps Killian's Red is more temperamental than Guinness? Still yummy, though. Also watched Kind Hearts and Coronets, which Glenn hadn't encountered before. We're big fans of Sir Alec Guinness. There's a certain sadness that he's best known for his role in the Star Wars movies rather than the wealth of excellent work he did prior to them.

In amusing news of the world, Paris has started stocking vending machines for books so you can assuage your literary fix 24/7. If you have an emergency need to acquire Alice in Wonderland at 3AM in Paris, and all the bookstores are closed, you can pop out to a vending machine! And they were clever enough to make a gentle delivery method in lieu of the *plummet clunk* that candy bars receive. How cool is that?

In less amusing, non-news-of-the-world, the battery on our second car is kaput. We tried to jump it using our first car, but either the battery is really dead, or we're incapable of using a set of jumper cables. Even though I'm not ruling out the latter, since I am the first to admit my ineptitude with anything involving vehicular innards, I'm betting on the former, since we could occasionally get enough of a charge for it to make a forlorn "rrr rrr" rather than the usual time-to-write-the-eulogy "click click click." So it seems we need to replace the battery. fosteronfilm and I talked it over, and we decided it would make the most sense to simply drop the second car from our insurance and registration, at least until we have need of a second vehicle again, instead of shelling out the bucks to tow it to a shop and get it fixed. It's quite sad. fosteronfilm is very fond of "his" car. It's a pretty, white Honda Prelude from when they made them sporty and sleek. It's also a little worrisome because if one of us gets into trouble while running errands, the other can't come riding to the others' aid. But I guess having an "emergency car" really wasn't sensible, financially speaking.

Also finally got a call back from my doctor. We agreed to back off my increased Prozac dose. Thank goodness. The queasy headaches were getting old. So I'm back down to 40mg/day. And hey, according to a recent Psychology Today article, depression may be a font of creative inspiration. Or something . . .

Today's the last 2005 Dragon*Con director's meeting. I keep thinking there's something I need to do or bring for it, but I can't remember what.


Writing Stuff

8-day "While we found this story to be worthy of a second look, we ultimately decided it's not quite what we're looking for" from Lenox Avenue with a "we do hope you'll try us again in the future" to soften the blow.
1-day "Although smooth and engaging" pass from ericmarin of Lone Star Stories with a "I welcome additional work from you" to let me know that although I was not a winner this time, I should try again.
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