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Went out last night to play trivia with britzkrieg and rigel_kent. I'm not sure if britzkrieg will ever let us live down that we outvoted her on the "how many years must an animal not be sighted in order to be declared extinct?" question Of course, she was right. (The answer is "50.") Yet, despite foolishly second-guessing her, our team, dubbed "Jerry's Kids," came in second. Much fun was had. Smoky fun (*cough*), but still fun. And I totally glomped on rigel_kent's bleu cheese potato chips.

This weekend is stacking up to be rather busy. Tonight, terracinque is swinging by to hang and partake of food. Tomorrow is the last 2005 Dragon*Con director's meeting. And Sunday, Matthew is going to be a speaker at the "Navigating the Film Festival Circuit" seminar run by the Georgia Big Picture Conference folks on Sunday.

And I'm still feeling rather blah. I'm thinking these are definitely side effects. If it was a flu, I'd have spiked a fever by now. So the nausea and tension headache should go away in a week or so. But that's not terribly helpful for the right now.


Writing Stuff

Sold a Hungarian-language reprint of "All in My Mind" to Galaktika magazine. That brings my total of foreign languages I've been or will be translated into up to four: Greek, Polish, French, and now Hungarian. Coolness! Alas, Hungarian is another language not handled by Babelfish.
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