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Mini reunion

Went out to eat with my high school buddy for dinner. He's staying at a hotel right across the street from the Fox theater, so that was the area of food selection. Went to Mick's hoping for their grilled portabello mushroom sandwich. Alas, that option has been removed from their menu, to be replaced by the not-nearly-as-yummy roasted veggie sandwich. Tipped off by the waiter that the replacement was rather rubbery and vile, we opted for the fried green tomatoes sammich, which while tasty, was no grilled portabello mushroom. Well fooie. That was one of my favorite food-item-between-two-slices-of-bread in town.

There was much chatting on various topics. And reminiscing, especially on the topic of people I have not thought upon for many, many years. It was fun, and quite surreal. I'm still dwelling on the experience and my reactions thereof.


Writing Stuff

Received the edits and approved them for "The Wiggly People" (in the Thou Shalt Not anthology). The editor informs me that he plans to send the contract out this weekend. If I recall correctly, this one is also a "pay on acceptance" so perhaps money may be forthcoming shortly. That would be nice.

Also found out that the Embark to Madness anthology with my story "Perfidious Beauty" in it is out. Hurray! Now to begin the when-is-my-contrib-copy-going-to-come? dance. For anyone interested in purchasing this lovely tome, it's available from for the low, low price of $12.95.

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