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50 to 100 user pics?

LiveJournal seems to have increased the number of paid user icons from 50 to 100! One-hundred! I hadn't even filled up the 50 I had before. It's very nice of them and all, but I think it would have been nicer to increase the number of user pix that came with a paid account from 15 to 25 or better yet, throw the free accounts a bone and give them a couple more.

'Course, now that I have space for one-hundred icons, I had to make more. To while away the insomniac hours, I fiddled about with this doll/fairy-making program that faerie_writer introduced to me. A fun way to suck away several hours:

Hobkin's being a total sweetie. I think he knows I'm not feeling well. He's pressed up against my side, oozing comfort and fuzzy love. Think I'll hug him for a while and try to nap.


Writing Stuff

Did a couple Critters critiques. This hasn't been a good week for writing progress. I feel like I should have my wrists smacked or something. Bad Eugie.

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