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Side effects and other fun and games

Oof. It don't rain but it deluges. This time, I'm not talking about our backyard, but the state of the human suit. Headache mowed me down last night, then the pills I took to alleviate the thundering in my skull made me sick to my stomach. Lovely. Whoever designed my carapace should be severely reprimanded. Sloppy work, I tells you. Sloppy! To top it off, probably from the caffeine in the headache pills or whatever stimulant that goes with Sudafed, I can't sleep--which is why I'm futzing about on LJ at 4:45AM.

I wonder if I'm getting side-effects from the recent increase in my Prozac. Headaches and queasy are pretty common SSRI effects, as is insomnia for that matter. Doesn't make me feel any better, but it would explain some of it.

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