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Gearing up for Dragon*Con

When I close my eyes, I see Dragon*Con bios. Woo. That's a lot of guests/performers/artists. Zounds. Happily, the bulk of it has been edited now. I can't believe how close D*C is. Gleep.

Wingstubs are still displeased. Stupid arms.


Writing Stuff

Alas, "Running on Two Legs" didn't make the short list for the British Fantasy Award. Ah well, it was a long shot anyway. It was a honor being nominated, blah blah etc.

Received a 38-day "It's a great story but not for us . . . please do think of us in the future" from Son and Foe after a query.

And also a 49-day Sale of "The Wiggly People" to the Thou Shalt Not anthology from Dark Cloud Press. Hurray! They've got another of my stories still under consideration too.
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