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Should we build an ark?

The sky opened and poured the contents of several clouds on our corner of Georgia yesterday. If we had a basement instead of a slab foundation, I'm sure it'd be squishy in here. We actually wondered if the water level could possibly overtake our front porch and start coming in under the door. Fortunately, the deluge stopped before it got that high, but it was quite impressively flooded out there. We're at a low end of our cul-de-sac, hill-wise. Not the lowest, that distinction belongs to our neighbor, but the water course goes through our backyard. During the worst of it, we had water depths that could be measured in feet, not inches--deep enough to drown a critter, surely. I hope all the wild beasties got to shelter on higher land.

Backyard flood!

You can get an idea of the quantity of water coming down by the number of droplets that the camera picked up in the split-second it took to capture this shot.

Took this photo about an hour later to give a bit of perspective of how deep the water was.

In Hobkin news, as we expected, eating a birthday cake candle is no biggie for a skunk's digestion. I don't even think the smear of chocolate frosting upset his tummy. He's fine. I was confident that he would be, otherwise I would have rushed him to the vet, but there was still a part of me that was fretting and chewing nails. He's my baby, and I'm an overprotective mother.

Still working on the edits for the D*C program book. Editing editing editing. *thud*
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