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Hobkin ate a candle!

Had a very pleasant evening with fosteronfilm's brother. We had homemade pizza, beer bread, and birthday cake for dinner (yum!) and spent the rest of the time chatting. I adore Matthew's family. I also get a kick out of watching the Foster family traits and seeing how genetics carry over--my repressed psychology researcher coming out. Matthew and his brother are very much alike in some key ways, moreso than I'd realized before. Not having siblings, I find such parallels downright fascinating. They both have interests that they're fervently passionate about, being able to talk endlessly about their respective subjects if allowed. For a while, it was Matthew talking about movies, then his brother switching the subject to historical medals and related stuff, then Matthew volleying the subject back to movies--later, rinse, repeat. Eventually, I turned the conversation to family reminiscing, and it stayed there for the remainder of the night. Hee! My in-laws are adorable, every one of them.

However, as I was putting away the cake, I tossed away the blown-out candles, but unbeknownst to me at the time, I'd dropped one of them on the floor. Hobkin discovered it, and since the base was still covered in yummy chocolate frosting, immediately snarfed it down. I looked down to see him eating something, and puzzled, I tried to see what he'd gotten a hold of. The only thing left was a few slivers of wax. In the past, if it had been one of the ferrets, I would have panicked and rushed him to an emergency vet clinic. However, after our Styrofoam peanut experience, I wasn't freaked. I was a bit concerned about the chocolate in the frosting, but overall, I'm counting on him being fine. Skunk digestion tracts are pretty hardy, especially compared to ferrets. There's really no chance of the candle causing an obstruction. I suspect the tiny bit of chocolate has given him a slight upset tummy, but there wasn't very much. We're watching the litter boxes to make sure that all *ahem* comes out fine in the end. So far he's already shown that he's not obstructed, and I think I saw the wick, but Matthew was less certain. . . that's probably TMI, isn't it?

Helping dire_epiphany with a huge pile of edits for the Dragon*Con program book. I shall be scarce this weekend . . .
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