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Sunday's my fun day, my I don't have to run day.

I have a hard time describing what it is about Sundays, but they have a certain feel that's distinctly Sunday-ish. Sort of a blend of the end of sleepy leisure from the weekend and apprehension about the forthcoming Monday and all the stressors it brings. It's a desperate yet also relaxed feeling--it's still the weekend, but you can almost taste week's beginning. There's denial and Monday anxiety, and also a nearly manic need to not worry. That's what yesterday felt like, except once I realized I was feeling all Sunday-ish, I told myself I didn't have to be anywhere today, so there was no reason to fret about the impending Monday. It was like a burden lifting. Suddenly Sunday was all about lazy and mellow, without any of the negative.

There are perks to being unemployed.

Of course, as it turns out, I do have to be somewhere today. I just checked my calendar and I'm overdue to visit the hospital vampires for my regular blood test. Oops.

Writing Stuff

I'm feeling quite good about the folktale up at Critters. Did several editing passes, and I like where it's at. Seriously tempted to send it out before its week in the queue completes.

Matthew first-readered the (first) Korean folktale and came up with an excellent suggestion to streamline the story. Going to roll up my sleeves and see about implementing his suggestion today. It means this tale probably won't go into the Critters queue until next week.

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