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Guilt-trippin' skunk

I spent far too much time on this game: Planarity. It's addictive in its simplicity and elegance. I knew it was time to stop when I still saw the lines and vertices when I closed my eyes. Glah.

Hobkin's nails tore a hole in my sheet, at which point I realized it was time he had a trim. He hates having his nails trimmed, the poor lil guy, but I've got a system. I hold him down and clip, and he huffs at me. I'm the only one that can seem to manage it. If fosteronfilm tries to assist, he gets snapped at. I managed to get all of Hobkin's front toes, but nicked the quick on the last one. He winced and wriggled and glared at me accusingly, at which point I felt so guilty that I immediately stopped and gave him a cookie. Yeah, my pet skunk guilt tripped me.

Writing Stuff

Got an email from the editor of the Sages and Sword anthology. He'd offered to pay me for my story earlier, prior to publication, but the contract had stipulated "on publication." I thought he'd forgotten our correspondence and I shrugged it off, but he had remembered and wanted to make sure he honored his offer. He suggested I cross out the relevant line in the contract and replace it before sending it back. Unfortunately, I'd already mailed back the contract. (So I asked him to do the crossing out before sending me my copy for my records.) I'm quite impressed by the professionalism and class that displayed on his part--to make sure I got paid when he said I would. Not to mention I can really use the money sooner. Alas, I wish payment on acceptance rather than publication was the industry standard instead of the exception.

My folktale is up at Critters, and so far, no love. Zero. Hunh.

103-day form reject from Absolute Magnitude. I had a feeling this one was coming. Actually, I'm expecting another one today or tomorrow as I heard they were having a slush party last weekend and I've got another submission with them. On the matter of slush parties, DNA, as far as I can tell, enlists friends and assorted acquaintances to sort through their submissions, regardless of editorial experience, plying them with food and drink. I guess the philosophy is that anything that really grips your average reader and makes it up to the editor is worth having a look at, or maybe they only invite knowledgable readers to their slush parties. I dunno. But it does strike me as haphazard and inconsistent.
200-day pass from Neo-Opsis after making it to their second round with invite to submit again.

New Words: 300
On the Korean folktale.

Club 100 For Writers
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