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I like gin

As celebration of recent productivity, fosteronfilm and I had gin and tonics last night. Then I fell asleep. I had one drink, and that was it. I'm an embarrassingly cheap drunk. It was yummy, though.

Writing Stuff

89-day "well-written and original . . .premise was intriguing . . . however" with invite to submit again from John O'Neill of Black Gate. Sigh. But another market just opened up which I think might be a better fit for this one.

Did a couple passes on the Korean folktale and it's ready for Matthew to first reader. Been perusing Korean folklore, but got side-tracked by some Japanese tales. Then there was gin. Now I'm debating what I want to work on next, another folktale or picking up one of the many WIPs that are lying strewn like triage flotsam on my hard drive.

Club 100 For Writers

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