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Pie v4.0

Baked what I suspect is the final blackberry pie of the season. fosteronfilm holds out hopes that there might be enough of a harvest for one last pie, but the bushes are fading fast. It's a race between whether the berries die or finish ripening. We shall see.

I'm getting pretty adept at the pie thing. I've started getting creative:

I decorated it with shapes and stuff!

Hobkin's been a royal brat these last couple days. Yesterday afternoon, it was way too early for his lunch, but he was pacing in the kitchen and trying to herd me there, obviously wanting to be fed. I sat down on the floor in the living room to try to distract him with play time. What did he do? He goes behind me and tries to push me into the kitchen. When that doesn't work, he digs at me, apparently trying to loosen me from my spot, and when that doesn't work, he nips my rear. Impudent fuzz beast! After I finished laughing and berating him, I got up and he got an early lunch. Yep, I'm a wuss.

This morning he woke me up at an ungodly hour (gah, it's before 6AM!) by first kicking me as we were snoozing together, and then walking over me on his way to his hutch. He's lucky he's so damn cute.

After lunch he wedged himself under a cushion for a nice nap.

He's not smooshed. See? All comfy.

Writing Stuff

New Words: 2000
My muse doth speaketh, and I am her lowly vessel. Delved into research on Korean history, mythology, and folk lore, and ideas and images immediately began percolating in my head. I haven't explored this Asian culture much and I find it fresh and fascinating, with both Chinese and Japanese influences on its people and religion. Yet it manages to maintain its own distinctive style and tone. I launched headfirst into a new folktale and wrote for most of yesterday. Almost hit zero draft in a single sitting--with the aid of a pot of green tea and pie--but decided to call it quits when the words started doing the blurry dance on my monitor. One more scene, and it's done.

I hit writing flow, baby!

I suspect there will need to be some serious polishing, but I loved the way this one just poured out of me. And there's so much fertile subject matter for future tales.

Nice musie. *pets*

Club 100 For Writers

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