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Coming down from HP6

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Ate up the last of blackberry pie V2.0 and coming down from my HP6 binge. Very sad. So today, I'm making another pie! I shall be most bummed when the blackberry bushes stop producing. They're already winding down. Matthew reports that most of the bushes look like they're on their last legs, and we'll be lucky if we get another decent pick. I think, if they can hold out for another day or so, that we'll have enough berries for one more pie after this one. Four pies and plenty of berries for ice cream, that would be a pretty impressive crop for something that springs up uncultivated and unplanted out of our backyard. Sweet. Even three pies and an excess of ice cream berries is quite the windfall.

Writing Stuff

Did a couple editing passes on a rejected story before sending it out. No new words, but at least I haven't fallen off the Club 100 bandwagon.

Club 100 For Writers
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On July 26th, 2005 04:27 pm (UTC), aimeempayne commented:
Your pie commentary is causing terrible cravings. ;)
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