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I think I'm in love with Dennis

Spent the weekend in a queasy haze, but I think whatever was upsetting my system is done with me. But I have to say, if I must spend a couple days fading in and out of consciousness, the way I want to do it is with the soft darkness of a thunderstorm wrapping me like a blanket while the rain chants and whispers in my ears. I love the storms that Dennis has brought. With the air so soft, and the purple-grey sky, I can't help but be soothed. I look out the window and I see the trees dancing in the wind. It's just perfect.

Except I hope none of the dancing trees gets dizzy and falls down.

Writing Stuff

51-day "So long and thanks for all the fish" "Made the first cut . . .It's a good story, well written, with some quantum weirdness and a likeable protagonist but . . ." from Farthing.
3-day form pass from Fictitious Force.

I need to set aside the short story idea that had me in a research frenzy and finish up that folk tale. I really must complete something here.

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