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Allergies lead to napping

Something in the air is triggering my allergies. My skin feels like it needs to crawl off my body. I took a Benadryl and it knocked me totally for a loop. I have the choice of being out for the count or itchy. Blah. Spent a good chunk of yesterday in an antihistamine haze, and the rest of it trying to recover with a Sudafed and coffee cocktail. As such, not much was accomplished. So, here's a couple skunk pictures:

Us napping on the couch.

Hobkin napping under his hutch, all nestled in his blue blankie.

Writing Stuff

The three-weeker over at Critters finally ended. I stabbied my poor little story with a fork and sent it out the door. Fly little story, fly!

21-day "Unfortunately, your story did not pass the second round of reading" from Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Ah, well. It was something of a long shot anyway, not being a particularly funny tale. Although both of the stories I've sold them haven't been of the belly laugh variety either. "Body and Soul Art" is downright gritty in places. Actually, the same can be said about "The Life and Times of Penguin," depending upon how you feel about toy box carnage. Out that tale goes again. *boot*

New Words: 500
Jittery and somewhat unfocused, but making progress on the folktale. Rah. I'm struggling to keep this one at my target 2K, but it's fighting hard to end up at 2.5K or longer. I've sold stories that exceeded 2K to Cricket, but I always feel terribly guilty when I send them stuff over their stated maximum, like I'm doing something naughty by violating their guidelines. Must obey writer's covenant . . .

Thou shalt not simultaneously submit unless the guidelines expressly permit it.
Thou shalt remember the word length constraints and keep them holy.
Thou shalt not submit a handwritten manuscript for the editor will punish thee for the sin of illegible script by rejecting you out of hand.
Thou shalt use courier 12 point.
Thou shalt honor thy editor by addressing them formally in thy cover letter unless expressly invited to use their first name.
Thou shalt double space.
Thou shalt use one inch margins.
Thou shalt not omit an SASE for the editor will pitch your manuscript in the circular file if you do.
Thou shalt not use pink, lavender, or powder blue paper, for clean, white bond paper is the only true paper.
Thou shalt not staple manuscript pages together.

Club 100 For Writers

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