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Firefly--not the Joss Whedon variety.

I saw my first firefly of the year last night! There were tiny golden flashes coming from our Faerie circle in the backyard. Glowbugs don't seem as commonplace down here as they were in the Midwest. I wonder if that's actually the case, or if I simply don't see them as much because I don't spend as much time running around outside after dark as I did when I was a little girl.

Writing Stuff

Oof. Publishing karma giveth, and it smacketh me on the head.

26-day "enjoyed it but . . ." from Aeon with invite to submit again. Fooie. All the cool kids are getting published in Aeon; I wanna get published there too! *whine*
90-day pass from the McElderberry imprint of Simon & Schuster on my middle-grade novel. The novel rejects are hitting me harder and harder. The editor had nice things to say, but a "no" is feeling pretty much like a thwack in the gut, regardless of how nicely it's phrased. Where did I put my skin thickener?

There's still another week for this batch up at Critters and I am totally inundated by crits. I am very, very behind on my thank you notes, and I'm ready for the flood of feedback to stop so I can finish my rewrite. Gleep. An embarrassment of riches. But, on an up note, it's been extremely well received.

New Words: 900
Short story ground to "the end," and I'm supremely dissatisfied with it. It didn't go where I thought it was going to, and for a dark tale of obsession, it's downright subdued. Not to mention my speculative element fizzled into virtual non-existence. It's coming in at 3K, so I've got plenty of room to grow it, but I've been spinning my wheels. I think it needs a really pivotal scene that it's currently missing, but I don't know what that scene might be. Matthew first readered it and his main comment was: "Err, what were you trying to do with this one?" Which pretty much confirms that it's unfocused and I lost control of it in there . . . somewhere. So frustrating! Bad story. No biscuit.

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