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Critters stats kicked my ass

As of this morning, "Of Two Minds in Lanais" picked up 25 critiques at Critters. A nice number, one I'm equipped to generate stats for and assimilate without too much fuss. Actually, on this one, I've been tweaking as they've been coming in, and the re-write is mostly done. I expect to send out the polished version tomorrow--tomorrow just in case another critique or two trickles in tonight.

I got 41 critiques on "It's Only Springtime When She's Gone." Gah! Forty-one! My head's spinning trying to sort them out. But I think this one is going to require a more extensive re-write. Not yet sure even how to start. Forty-one. That's a lot of feedback. There may be a too much of a good thing situation happening here.

This weekend, I see myself writing a lot of thank you notes . . .

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