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Lizard watching: Anolis carolinensis

God, I love stormy mornings. The air is so soft and cool, and the dark skies are beautiful. I know it'd be crap to drive in, but sitting at home, gazing outside, it's lovely.

I was making dinner last night when fosteronfilm called me over to the window with much excitement. I dropped what I was doing to discover we had a gorgeous little green lizard perched on one of the branches right outside the window overlooking our backyard. So I grabbed the camera and started clicking. Isn't he fantastic?

After the camera-clicking frenzy (and dinner), I Googled him. He's a Green Anole, Anolis carolinensis. He's welcome to stick around and make our backyard his home, and so are any of his lizard friends.

I'm not sure if he could see us through the window.

He was an athletic little guy. We saw him jump from one tree to another.

Matthew first noticed him when he was displaying his bright pink dewlap. This was the best picture I could get of him showing it off.

And here's one of Hobkin, who was supremely uninterested in us oohing and aahing out the window.

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On the new short story. I have the horrible feeling that I'm losing control of it already. I'm 2K words into it, and I've just now introduced the main, secondary character. Or else this story is slated to be a novelette, and I should just sit back and let it scroll out for as long as it needs to.

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