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Dragon*Con panels

Getting notes from Dragon*Con track directors (*waves at bevlovesbooks*) with panel requests. It promises to be an extra busy convention this year. I wonder if it's possible for me to go the whole thing without sleeping. Hmm. I suspect that would result in me hallucinating by the time of the Dead Dog party, which might be amusing in its own right, I suppose. 'Course I might start hallucinating and babbling at a panel, which would be less amusing--at least for me. And I suspect my editorial skills would go out the window way before then.

Writing Stuff

New Words: Editing editing editing.
Did several passes on the story up for critique. It's getting there. Feedback continues to be generally positive. A couple folks have commented that they didn't like the flashback I used and would prefer to see things in sequence. Upon some consideration, I think they're right.

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