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This is the last weekend of the Atlanta Film Festival, so I should have my hubby back soon. Good thing. I've got a real craving for the taste of a gin and tonic, and I can't bring myself to drink alone. I brewed up some iced peach rooibos tea, but it's not the same.

Plan to spend the day doing some writing, getting caught up on my correspondences, and sipping tea.

Writing Stuff

Received my contrib. copies of Paradox #7 with "The Tiger Fortune Princess" in it, as well as my check! Happy happy.

Got an invite from Esotericon to be a guest. They didn't mention a comp badge for fosteronfilm, and that's a necessity, so I'm going to drop them an email query about that. But assuming that gets squared away nice, I fully intend to accept their invite. It sounds like much fun.

Nine crits so far on the story up at Critters. It's being well received. Plan to do some critting this afternoon as well (yes, for your story, britzkrieg).

Wrote a review of Aeon #2 for Tangent. It's the first full-issue review I've done in a while. I've sort of been doing ad hoc reviews as needed, a story here, a story there--more as a duty than for fun. I'd forgotten how enjoyable it can be to read and review a 'zine at my leisure. Reviewing is different then just pleasure reading. It's like flexing a different reading muscle to identify and dissect the parts I liked (and that I didn't) and to think about what the author intended, rather than just what I get out of it. 'Course it helped that I thought Aeon #2 was a very good publication. It's much less fun to review something that's a chore to read.
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