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Prozac. Foo.

The psychiatrist was uninspiring. I got me 40mg/day of shiny Prozac, although I was hoping for something more uppity with the stimulants. Probably just as well. I could see me easily getting too happy with stims. He asked me some basic questions that translated to: Are you bipolar? Obsessive-compulsive? Suicidal? Schizophrenic? Suffering from post-traumatic stress? When my answer came down to "no" for all of the above (duh), I got a nice SSRI prescription and told to try to regulate my days into standard sleep/wake cycles and exercise more. Hmph. I already know what I should be doing. He also asked whether I'd be interested in counseling/therapy services. I said "no" to that as well. Got a followup in a month to make sure my dosage is stable. Aside from lacking the medical degree, and therefore the ability to prescribe meds, I could've done the diagnosis on myself. In fact, I already had. I say again, hmph.

Nothing exciting to see here. Move along folks.

Writing Stuff

54-days to a kind pass from Jed at Strange Horizons with a "looking forward to seeing your next one." I thought this story was an unlikely fit with them as it's very high on the high fantasy front, but I don't believe in self-rejecting. Plus, since I've never yet managed to fit anything with SH, I thought it was worth the try. Out it goes again.

The first draft short I completed last week is up at This batch is a three-weeker which is always a bit awkward. Normally by the third week, I feel pretty full-up on feedback and itching to finish the rewrite, but constrained to stick ye ole fork in until the end of the crit cycle. I like the normal one week time frame better, but since my alternative was to wait three weeks before sending up my story, I figure up is way better than waiting.

New Words: 750
On the new short story.

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