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The Smiths on Marriage

Went out to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith yesterday. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have some excellent on-screen chemistry going there. The dialogue was excellent, although the storyline, not so much; it dragged in the middle or lost direction or something. But for a big ole metaphor for marriage, it was well done. It got giggles from me.

Got an "initial evaluation" appointment with a behavioral therapist today--I assume psychiatrist. If it's a psychiatrist, why don't they call it the "Psychiatry Department" instead of "Behavioral Therapy"? The irony is that I'm feeling better today on the emotional equilibrium front than I have in a while. Well, my sleep cycle is still royally fubarred. Maybe the nice doctor can prescribe me something for that.

And how's this for a smooth segue? Psychology Today says to drink more tea. It's good for the memory centers of the brain. Coolness. My tea habit has even more benefits.

Writing Stuff

I heard back from the editorial secretary of 9. It seems that the banks in Greece are on strike! Well, that explains why my check came back unpaid. But glah, that's unsettling. Why haven't I heard about this in the news? Oh yeah, overshadowed by the Michael Jackson media circus, because, of course, that's more important than a national bank strike. Sheesh.

New Words: 150

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