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Rave Reviews for "Running On Two Legs"

Here's me tooting my own horn. TOOT!

Ann gave me printouts of the comments that Victoria Strauss and Kathleen O'Malley made about my story "Running On Two Legs." I was walking on air after I read them.

From Victoria Strauss:
"It's a beautiful story--touching without being sentimental, with chracters that come believably to life even in the short space of 7,500 words. It's very well-written; the narrative flows smoothly throughout, and draws to a perfect close. The animals are wonderful; I was especially struck by how right the animal dialogue was--from Henry the busy greyhound, to weary Mama Skunk, to the birds--which, surely, would talk just this way if they could talk. I don't have any structural criticisms at all. It seems right to me just as it stands.

"Thanks for giving me the chance to read this lovely story--it's a privilege to encounter an up-and-coming writer at the start of her career."

From Kathleen O'Malley:
"Thanks for the opportunity to read this wonderful story.

"It doesn't need any improvement. It's just fine. It's emotionally wrenching, and yet joyful. At 7,341 words it's longer than the 5,000 magic-word-number most markets like, but I'd send it to them anyway just as it is. It's a very professional, very well-written story, with good characterizations, even of extremely minor characters, an interesting story-line, and a fine turn-of-phrase. If this writer can keep this up, she shouldn't have any trouble breaking into pro markets."

Now if only someone will buy it . . .

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