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Finding Neverland

I hardly saw fosteronfilm at all this weekend. He's been kept hopping by the Atlanta Film Festival and it continues all this week. I volunteered to help out too at some point, but I can't remember when. I'm hoping they'll call me to remind me. I also told Matthew that if he finds a volunteer schedule to look me up. But it seems like a terribly disorganized event. I mean, there are certainly some communication breakdowns and logistics snafus at Dragon*Con, but in comparison, Dragon*Con looks like a military outfit.

Watched Finding Neverland. It reminded me muchly of Shakespeare in Love, except without the sex. Johnny Depp did a respectable job. 'Course it doesn't hurt that I think he's drool-worthy. Although I have a hard time now not thinking of him as Captain Jack Sparrow, and therefore I kept expecting his James Barrie to wobble drunkenly and slur his speech. It did make me want to re-read Peter Pan. But, horrors of horrors, we don't seem to have a copy of it in the library. Now that's just wrong. I'm not sure how that could have happened. I'm due for a trip to the public library, but it seems bizarre that we don't have a copy of that classic in the house. Hmph.

Writing Stuff

21-day pass from Escape Pod on a reprint, with invite to try again. They said it was a near thing, but they'd been getting too many robot comedies. Feh, I sez.

I got name pimpage! Jeremy Minton mentioned me along with Carl Fredrick in his Slush Survivor interview with JJA of F&SF. At this rate, it's probably the closest I'll get to publication by F&SF, so I'll take what I can get. Jeremy's a fellow Critter. Made his first pro sale to them, proof that it can be done.

I saw that I'm on Nowa Fantastyka's website now. In Polish. I can't read Polish. These are the folks who are buying reprint rights to my story "All in My Mind" so, with the help of a couple online Polish-to-English dictionaries, I'm pretty sure it's a "coming soon, stories by" blurb. But I sure would like to know what "W numerze między innymi" means and whether there's any mention as to what issue I can expect my story to appear in. Anyone on my flist read Polish?

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