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On the nature of house cats

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As anyone who knows me, or who reads this blog regularly, already knows, animal welfare is a big concern of mine. I saw a post on one of the LJ communities that I'm a member of that made me both angry and sad. A person posted pictures of their kitten, deceased now, which is sad in and of itself. But then I read how the kitten died. It had been hit by a car. And this person then said that this was the second kitten in a short time period they'd lost, again to being hit by a car. And the comments were littered with sympathetic people who had also had a cat killed by cars.

I just don't understand people. The idea of letting an animal you love outside--one you play with and cuddle, who counts on you for protection and comfort--to fend for itself against predators, cars, and nutty humans, is totally unfathomable to me. I can understand a little better the idea of free roaming farm cats. They're marginally safer, being away from both major roads and densely human-populated areas. Although they still seem to have alarmingly high accident, disease, and casualty rates. But the idea of a kitten in a city or subdivision regularly roaming outside, unsupervised and loose, I can't understand that at all. If you take an animal into your home, it's your responsibility, obligation, and duty to protect it. Especially as a baby. How can a baby animal know about cars? Many adult animals never grasp the concept. Hell, many adult humans still have trouble comprehending that cars are dangerous. It's irresponsible. Irresponsible and needlessly tragic. The thought of Hobkin getting outside terrifies me, and these people are letting their cats out on purpose?

I see cats in our subdivision who are obviously someone's pets, wandering around freely. And sometimes I see cats dead by the side of the road, and I wonder how many of the living cats I see will be another feline statistic tomorrow.

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AGH! I NEED A SALE!! *pant pant pant* This has been a looong dry spell. *tears at hair*

Apologies for the outburst. *twitch* I'm jonesing bad.

Did several editing passes on the short story and uploaded it to the Critters.org queue. fosteronfilm's comment, "You should write a series of stories in this world." That hadn't occurred to me until he mentioned it. But now that he has, I find myself contemplating just that, and coming up with ideas.

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On June 13th, 2005 08:29 pm (UTC), dean13 commented:
We keep our cats indoors. They don't know how dangerous the outside world can be. But I know how lucky I am to have them in my life.

Our neighbor doesn't believe in keeping her cats indoors. I've seen many, many "Free Range" cats come and go. In the past three years I've seen 5 out of 7 male cats disappear or die. The female cats don't seem to wander as far as the male cats and do seem to live longer. I do miss a the friendly ones who I used to find waiting at my front door, looking for me bring out the cat toys or to scratch them behind the ears.

I am astounded at the number of cats that seemed to have been abandoned. Worse yet they started breeding. I learned that my neighbor believed in feeding these abandoned cats but didn't think it was "fair" to fix them.

So many people don't consider the full consequences of their actions.
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