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Stormy Friday

I really love the stormy weather we've been having of late. The overcast darkness is so soothing and magical. I've always preferred summers over cold weather, but I've never liked the sun--which is good because sunlight triggers my flare-ups. This is perfect.

Poll answers:

horrordiva Q: "When will Hobkin get an LJ?"
A: Eee! No! I already spend far too much time on LiveCrack. If Hobkin had his own little blog, I'd never have time to write. I already channel him IRL. I utterly humiliated myself in front of dude_the once when I didn't realize he was awake on our balcony while I was downstairs making breakfast. I had a whole conversation with Hobkin, complete with his vocalized replies. I do not need the public to partake of that particular facet of my madness.
jmeadows Q: "$500 and an office supply store. what do you buy?"
A: Ooh, good question. The shiny, avaricious possibilities! Okay, first for the practical stuff. I'd stock up on printer ink cartridges, blank paper, and #10 SASE and 9x12" submission envelopes. I'd also pick up a pile of those pocket folders. They're what I store my paper correspondences in--rejections, sales, contracts, galley proofs, etc. I use one per story, and they can be ridiculously expensive for a couple pieces of colored cardboard with inside pocket flaps. Then I'd go to the stuff which are things I can use, but are less on the "urgent" needs, like a USB optical mouse for my laptop, an ergonomic USB keyboard, and a lap desk. Then, then I'd splurge on some fun, totally frivolous stuff, like sharpies in fun colors, gel pens, trinkety organizer doodads, and silly paper clips in fun colors and shapes. I'm an office supply geek. I think markers and art supplies are fun.

Got any more? Get your questions-for-Eugie answered now!

Writing Stuff

Apex Digest #2 with the interview of me in it is out! Quite looking forward to getting my copy. Check out the pulpariffic cover art:

Received a rejection for an anthology. They thought my story had merit, but had too much sex and adult language for their collection. Oops. It was a horror anthology! I didn't realize it was supposed to be PG.

My bank also returned my Greek check from 9 unpaid, and to add insult to injury, they charged me $6.50 in handling fees! I've emailed the editorial secretary of 9 to try to get this sorted out. But this is quite upsetting.

New Words: 100
Hammered out the bare minimum. Sketched out a twisty idea for the very end, but didn't feel motivated enough to finish it.

Club 100 For Writers
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