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Oopsie. Forgot about the leeches.

Oops. I forgot that I needed to go in for followup blood work after the first of June. Going to swing by the clinic today and hope that the request is still in the computer. Otherwise I'll need to call my Rheumatologist's office, apologize profusely, and have them re-enter it. So yeah, going to have them leech out some blood today. Never my favorite thing, but sadly, it's become rather commonplace for me.

Writing Stuff

In a fit of procrastination, I did some fiddling with my Excel writing logs. I've been sending a lot of submissions out to reprint markets--primarily foreign language ones--and my old calculation formula only kept a tally of the new works I've got in circulation, not including the reprints. Haven't been keeping track of the number of simultaneous submissions either. Admittedly that's a pretty tiny number since so very few markets are willing to accept simsubs, but I thought I ought to include those in my "what's out" count. I was astonished to see how many reprint/simsubs I have out there.

Total new works in circulation: 29
Total works out: 49

That's 20 reprint or simsub submissions! Zounds.

So I really ought to be due for a sale. *twiddles thumb* Any time now.

Right. Enough angsting. Back to work on the WIP.
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