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The sandman giveth and he drags me on my head through slumberland

Got my application to be a guest at Dragon*Con approved. It was only a formality as I'm already eyeball deep in working for the convention, so all my soul is belong to them. But it's nice to have that little detail taken care of.

Got back into job hunt mode yesterday and sent my resume winging out to various companies. Broadened my search once again. Started targeting Developer/Programming positions in addition to Systems Analyst ones. I'd prefer not to be relegated to a total code warrior position, as I think I outgrew that several years ago, but if that's what it takes to bring home the health insurance, then that's what I'll do. Programming is easy, and occasionally fun, so if that's how the cards fall, at least it would mean a decrease in stress. Well, theoretically.

Woke up this morning with my brain feeling squishy and vague. And the way my neck feels, I think I was sleeping while doing a headstand. I can barely turn my head, it's so stiff. Could this be the delayed post effects of Tramadol and Sudafed? Or maybe I just slept bad.

Writing Stuff

On an up note, Morpheus gifted me with a thoughtful surprise, the next plot event in the WIP short story. That was nice of him. Now if I can just get my brain de-fogged, I might be able to get some words down.

New Words: 450. 150 culled. The short story progesseth.

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