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Back from D*C 2002

Dragon*Con 2002 was a blast. The kind with gunpowder, flashing lights, and explosions. Man, I'm totally wiped.

Big, huge apologies to all the LJ folks like emuko, alladinsane, and mystrys and kaoslyon who I ran into in the corridors and didn't have time to do more than hug and wave at before having to dash off. I was stretched way thin this year and feel really badly that I didn't get a chance to gab longer with y'all.

To give you an idea of how time-crunched I was, guess how many parties I was able to hit? Got a number in your head? Okay, subtract it from itself and you got it. Yup. ZERO. I didn't even go to the Dead Dog party afterwards. Sigh.

And I really needed to take today off. Nine hours of sleep is not enough to make up for all the shuteye I didn't get.

Very brief highlights:
- Dancing on stage with Jefferson Starship (pictures to come)
- Meeting all the celebs back stage during the Jefferson Starship concert
- Being interviewed by SFN
- The Cruxshadows concert
- Getting the reviews back from Victoria Strauss and Kathleen O'Malley on my story "Running On Two Legs." They were glowing. I'm going to include blurbs from them in my cover letter for "Running."

I'll write more about the con later. I'm too zoned to be coherent for much longer.

And hey, continue checking out the Daily Dragon. More articles will be added in the next few days, as will pictures. We didn't have time to publish all the ones we got.

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