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Whiling away time

It has been a spectacularly uneventful and unproductive couple of days. The most exciting thing from yesterday: (<--therein be babes in bikinis, but I'd consider it cool-granny safe.)

I showed it to fosteronfilm and we giggled at the video shorts.

Writing Stuff

Saw that the Summer 2005 issue of Paradox with my story, "The Tiger Fortune Princess," in it is now available. Yay! I've always liked the artwork I've seen for this magazine. The cover image they've got up is fairly small so I can't make out details:

But it looks pretty lush. And the editor chose a classic painting by Wu Guxiang to illustrate my story:

Looking forward to seeing the full-size artwork when I get my contrib copies. Larger images to be posted when I get them.

Brewing up some green tea, pouring myself some Cocoa Puffs (my new indulgence), and getting ready for a day chock full of writing. That's the plan, at least.
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