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Skunk go poof

Hobkin's blowing his coat. I'd forgotten what a shedding skunk was like. I pet him and there's a cloud of fuzz in the air. After a nap, there's long, white strands of tail on the couch and blanket. Skunk fur. Everywhere I look there's skunk fur!

I see that LiveJournal is having a 24-hour permanent account sale. Ooo! But I really can't rationalize spending $150 on my blog. Damn.

Writing Stuff

I found out that "Running on Two Legs," which appeared in #40 of The Third Alternative, was nominated for the 2005 British Fantasy Award for Best Short Story! It's terribly unlikely it'll win, or hell, even make the short list, considering the competition (I'm up against Neil Gaiman for starters), but I'm tickled neon fuchsia to be nominated. Squee!

Any BFS members who haven't read "Running on Two Legs" are welcome to drop me an email. I'll forward on a .PDF for your reading pleasure.

Also received the contracts from Cricket for "Li T'ien and the Demon Nian" and "Cuhiya's Husband." Signed and mailed them back. "Li T'ien" is slated for the Jan. 2006 issue. Yay! Eagerly looking forward to seeing it, as well as getting word of when the others stories Cricket's bought will be scheduled for publication.

And got a 242-day reject from the Damned Nation anthology. A near miss: "We are especially sorry to have to send this after sitting on [your story] for so long, but we had a number of excellent stories we remained undecided about until the last minute, and yours was one of them . . . Please know that this was a very close call."

Fooie. I would like a sale now.
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