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When you're unemployed, every day is a Saturday

At this point, I figure the company I interviewed with doesn't want me. Pook. I'll send them a query tomorrow to verify, but as I haven't heard from them in the prescribed time, I think it's safe to assume they were underwhelmed by me. Damn. On the positive side, it means I'm still footloose and fancy free, living the life of leisure. At least until my unemployment runs out . . . and my COBRA coverage. Gleep.

Writing Stuff

Okay. On the quest of researching some non-Asian folk tale/myths to tempt my muse, I trooped upstairs to the library and broke out the source material: Edith Hamilton and Thomas Bulfinch for the Greek (and Roman) myths, and E.A. Wallis Budge for the Egyptian.

I really love Greek myths--I'm a purist, I much prefer the Greek ones to the Roman. But every re-telling/re-imagining concept I come up with is for an adult audience, not a younger one. I've done a couple Greek stories in the past, and they're dark. Very, very dark. Not saying that kids can't handle dark, after all, I read Oedipus Rex when I was twelve, but still . . .

So I closed the Bulfinch's and started in on the Budge's. The Egyptian myths just aren't gelling. They don't suck me in the way a story needs to in order for it to tempt me to recreate it, to give it my own voice and spin. It could be Budge's tone, which is very true to the translation and extremely dry. On one side of the text are the actual hieroglyphics, and on the other is the literal English translation. Not the best storytelling format, although can't fault his rigid adherence to academic accuracy.

So I went back to the Asian myths. Yup. Within moments, I found myself snagged by the concept of the Kitchen God and his story. That sent me off on another research branch, and my imagination started fizzing.

I'm also starting to itch to get back to the novel. Hope that bodes good things for this week.
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