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Decadent Sunday Morning

Eating Cocoa Puffs for breakfast, got a warm skunk curled at my side, and am watching a trashy made-for-TV movie on TNT about a heroic librarian. Life is good.

Went out without fosteronfilm to run a couple errands yesterday--bank, post office, and grocery store--because the first two places close before noon, and my hubby doesn't typically stir before mid-day. I didn't think I was all that dolled up--hadn't bothered to put in my contacts and just tossed on some comfy pants and a black shirt--but I got several compliments out of the blue from fellow grocery story/bank goers. One guy started flirting with me in the produce section, and a sweet little old lady came up to me and told me how pretty I was. It made me happy. Puzzled, but happy. Apparently I need to venture out of the house, without Matthew to scare off admirers, more often .

However, I confused the bank teller to no end when I presented him my check from '9' to deposit. It being in euros confounded him. And I am less than impressed by the exchange rate I got. When he finally figured it out (after calling in another bank person to consult), the whole situation so discombobulated him that he forgot to deposit the other two checks I'd given him (in US Dollars even). When I saw the HUGE discrepancy in the receipt he gave me, I made a beeline back to his window. He was properly apologetic, but still, it was a really big mistake, as in over $400 big. Going to keep a close eye on our balance until that transaction clears to make sure everything totals up properly. I'm rather worried that the concept of foreign currency is so perplexing to my bank.

Writing Stuff

My Cricket queue is once again empty and I find I'm still in a good mindset for folk tales. I keep wanting to dabble in something Egyptian, but every time I start doing research on Egyptian myths and legends, I get side tracked and end up doing something Chinese again as a default. Chinese is easier, dammit. It's like remembering something I already know rather than learning something totally from scratch. Maybe I'll compromise and do something Japanese again, or Indian. Or wackiest of wackies, Greek! I love Greek mythology, but it's so done. It's so much harder coming up with a fresh spin or a unique voice on it. *ponder ponder ponder* O beauteous (and pernicious) muse of writing, talk to me!
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