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Our own personal gateway to Faerie

Our neighbors are very Steppford Wives when it comes to the ornamental horticulture in the subdivision. They get upset if people don't edge their lawns and water them during dry spells; everything's very homogeneously landscaped and tamed within an inch of its photosynthesized life. I prefer a more wilderness approach to flora. I suspect if our neighbors ever looked into our backyard, they'd be scandalized. fosteronfilm keeps the front and sides scrupulously mowed, and the walking bits of the back likewise sheered, but we have a section of our backyard that we let grow as it will. It's hidden by a six foot privacy fence, so it shouldn't bother any of our neighbors unless they're being nosy (which I suspect happens). We love the secluded view it gives from our kitchen windows. The sylvan glade-esque ambiance makes it feel like we're nestled in the middle of a deep forest. It's a soothing vista that has inspired a number of my stories.

This is the view to the right. Past the sapling thingy and the white picket fence (yes, we have a white picket fence), it gets more cultivated, but it's still pretty lush--there be wild blackberries.

I think of the shadowed area right beneath those three trees in the background as our portal into Faerie, where pixies and hobs come from who want to play with Hobkin. For anyone who's read "The Storyteller's Wife," this is what inspired Janie's backyard toadstool ring. Next winter I'm making Matthew remove the garish thermometer (installed by the previous owner) as it's totally wrong. But we can't get to it easily during the green season.

And here's Hobkin eating a hardboiled egg. It's only an occasional treat food. He loves "egg days." Tends to get a bit messy, though.

Writing Stuff

Got my check from H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror for "Within Your Soul I Sightless See." Yay! Need to make a bank run.

Also got a rejection from Cricket for a reworked concept they'd rejected before, but suggested they might look at again if I wanted to re-visit it. Bummed at not making the sale, of course, but my Cricket editor always has such nice things to say: ". . .we editors couldn't keep ourselves from commenting, again, on how well you write." Takes the sting right out. And she reads my blog!

But now I really need to get myself in gear on the folktale rewrite so I can send it out to Cricket ASAP. Toward that end, I rolled up my sleeves and went through all of the Critters critiques. My wingstubs started aching just from cutting and pasting them all into a Word document! Wrote thank you notes too, but only made a dent in them. Decided it would be better to save my keyboard time for actual writing rather than polite gestures of etiquette. Hoping to have the rewrite done and the manuscript out the door by *checks calendar . . . Monday's a holiday, so . . .* Saturday. Or Tuesday.

New words: Editing. Many passes.

Club 100 For Writers
(Starting over again. WAH!)
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