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Kinsey and Horror of Dracula

Watched Kinsey last night. I studied the Kinsey Report in college and have always been impressed by the vision of Kinsey, the man. He revolutionized sex education, veritably invented sex research, and made great strides in understanding human sexuality. Having said that, I thought the movie was enjoyable, but on the sensationalistic side. I guess I would have been more interested in watching an actual documentary. Still, a palatable take on the man's life. And Liam Nesson is yummy.

Also watched Horror of Dracula, the Hammer studios "classic." fosteronfilm wanted to review it for his website. I giggled. 'Nuff said.

In hindsight, it was an unusual double feature. Blame it on the vagaries of Netflix.

Haven't heard back from either the head hunter or the interview folks from last week. Sigh. Sent my resume out to another flurry of job ops on Monster. I feel unloved.

Writing Stuff

Motivation and initiative levels bottomed out. I fell off the Club 100 bandwagon (and I haven't exercised in ages either).

I started going through the Critters crits of my current folktale, but got daunted by the magnitude of the task. It's on my "to do" list.

I could use a nice, juicy sale right about now. I need a writerly pick me up.

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