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Skunk nose glasses

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Y'know what happens when you fall asleep so hard you forget to take your glasses off, while cuddling with a skunk? When you wake up, you get skunkie nose prints in your field of vision. Yep.

Still no word from the interview. Fretting now.

Writing Stuff

13-day personal rejections from Asimov's with invite to submit again.
10-day personal reject from Aeon with a mini-critique and again, invite to submit again.

I haven't made a single sale this month. Wah!

I'm feeling:
anxious anxious
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On May 25th, 2005 04:32 pm (UTC), melindadansky commented:
Many people would kill for a personal reject from Asimovs. :)

Have I mentioned how terribly talented you are? You are scary-talented.
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On May 25th, 2005 06:09 pm (UTC), madwriter commented:
>>I haven't made a single sale this month. Wah!<<

I can tell that I'm getting spoiled. Two big signs:

(1) Once upon a time I let myself be convinced I was a terrible writer and I went for months without writing anything, much less sending anything out or selling it. Now I think to myself "Dagnabit, it's been a month since my last sale..."

(2) I've gotten several personalized rejects from Sheila Williams, and grumbled at the last rejection because it was a form letter.

I'll try to be good. :)
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On May 25th, 2005 08:38 pm (UTC), canadiansuzanne commented:
Re: No sales this month
The month isn't over yet! Besides, you've been busy with job hunting and Tangent editing. You know another sale is right around the corner. On the personalized reject from Asimov's front: I'm trying not to feel jealous! :-) Rejects do stink, no doubt about it.
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