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Zombie-husband and cannonball skunk

fosteronfilm is currently downtown in Buckhead, having brunch with a movie contact, doing the networking thing. This has whacked his normal sleep-wake cycle totally for the day, so I expect he'll be zombie-like this evening.

I'm pretty sure Hobkin is in full spring fever mode. He's frisky and full of mischief. Last night he went tearing around the house, stomping at furniture and attacking our feet. Skunks are the only animal I've seen that compact when they hit their "speed" stride (which isn't exactly speedy). All the other animals I've watched elongate, stretching out to maximize their gait. But Hobkin, when he runs, scrunches into a fuzzy ball with a huge banner of a tail, sort of a half prance/half scamper, rather than a gallop. He's like a cannonball with paws . . . and a tail. It's adorable.

Writing Stuff

Got emailed the final draft of the interview Apex is going to run to look over. The intro made me grin. The editor called me "vibrant" and a "dynamo."

Glimmer Train, however, were less flattering. Got the "we won't be publishing this particular piece" form reject from them. Alas.
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