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T minus six hours

I should be getting ready for Dragon*Con. I need to backup my Jornada, shower, and burn my sync software to CD. (I love my Jornada. I can take notes on the portable keyboard or longhand!) Plus we've got a slew of errands to run. But I've got this little fur demon sprawled out on my lap. Think in attitude and posture much like this, except on me instead of the kitchen floor:

Gah! A five pound animal has me pinned. Snark.

I'm trying to lavish as much attention and cuddles unto him before the Con as possible. He's going to be locked up and alone for most of tomorrow thru late Monday, the poor little guy. I feel really badly about it. We're also doping him up on Rescue Remedy, so maybe he'll just loll around, all snookered up while we're gone. Eep. I'm dosing my skunk!

So much to do. So very pinned.

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