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A pox on my COBRA provider!

Had my follow-up with my rheumatologist this morning. When I went to check in, my COBRA status still wasn't showing up on their system. Aggrieved and frustrated, I called the COBRA people to find out what the Hell was going on. They confirmed that my eligibility was up-to-date as were my payments (which it damn well should be!). So then I had my doctor's office call them and confirm. Eventually it all got sorted out, but I'm glad I allowed a lot of extra time before my appointment. Very annoying. But I'm still not in my health care provider's computer system as of when I left their office.

My doctor prescribed me a new pain med, which I haven't filled yet because I don't want to deal with the COBRA snafu at the pharmacists. Will fill it on Monday, but I sure could use it now. Damn wingstubs. I also told him that I've been having emotional downs, and he referred me to a behavioral health person--I assume a psychiatrist. So I made an appointment. They can't get me in until June. Sheesh. I'd hate to be severely depressed and require an appointment. A month would be enough time for a really sick person to spiral into a really nasty funk.

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fosteronfilm first readered my folktale. Nothing like a good prodding to get some results. Did a couple editing passes, then quit. Wingstubs. Ow.

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