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Damn you, LJ!

Well, crap. LJ ate my original post. Bastards! That'll teach me not to compose in a client.

In brief, I didn't exercise yesterday, so that counter gets zeroed out. Bad Eugie. I got distracted by a work issue and by the time I had it sorted out--not resolved, but sorted out--I was exhausted and it was very late. So I went to sleep instead of getting out the yoga mat. Foo. Well, I knew I sucked at sticking to an exercise program, so I'm not totally disheartened.

Also, our DVD-ROM is not well. It's troubled. It errors out on more burns that it succeeds on. Matthew thinks we may have a bad DVD-R spindle, which is possible. He just opened a new one and all of the errors have occurred on those discs. But the burner might be ailing too. Hardware problems. I don't like hardware problems.

Writing Stuff

Got a registered and insured package from DHL this morning. Thankfully the delivery person was quite determined as I was not in any condition to answer the door. She rang the bell and then pounded on the door when that didn't bring me fast enough. A hastily-donned night shirt and jamie-pants later, I was delighted to see the package was from Greece! After tearing it open, I confirmed that it was indeed my check from 9 for my "Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile" reprint. Yay for being paid! It's in Euros and I don't know how much the bank will subtract in the exchange, but money is good. Amusing that that little ditty of a story that I rattled out with my tongue firmly planted in cheek has earned me so much money, over $1000 between the Cicada sale and the 9 reprint for a 4K worder. Sweet. I immediately sent off another reprint to 9 in the hopes they'll translate and buy another reprint. I love the Greeks.

New words: 1000
On an essay. Normally I wouldn't count non-fiction writing, but this one was hard to write and it took up all of my fiction-writing time to compose. It's not meant for publication either, but I'm going to count it in my 100/day dammit. Although not in my 500 tally.

Handed off the folktale to Matthew to first reader. He hasn't yet. I shall prod him mercilessly.

Club 100 For Writers
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