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Mid-week update

fosteronfilm and I went to a volunteer meeting for the Atlanta Film Festival (hosted by Image) yesterday. Matthew wants to network and get more involved with the local movie scene. I figure volunteering would be preferable to sitting at home and watching maudlin chick flicks, which is what I did last year. Unlike with Dragon*Con, nothing really leaped out at me which seemed a good fit for my skills and interests, so I volunteered to help staff a party. I figure I can play hostess and party grunt without any special training or movie know-how. Matthew, of course, signed up to help with the panels.

Also got a call from the corporate recruiter person. He wants me to send along a sample projects requirements document that I've authored, and then wants to set me up for the interview process. Which, as is usual for these sorts of positions, would be pretty extensive, involving a test, a grilling session by other senior analysts, and then a meeting of the VP. Unfortunately, all the projects requirements docs that I've authored are proprietary information belonging to the company I used to work for. So now I'm trying to come up with a sanitized version, one that doesn't contain confidential company and project information, that I can send along to these guys.

Also got an email from ghostgrrl asking me to be a guest at Frolicon. Of course I said I would. So it's official, we'll be at Frolicon at it's debut. Looking forward to it already!

10 min/day
Yoga and ballet. Ballet and yoga. I remain out of shape. Ugh.

Writing Stuff

Rejections make Eugie sad:
12-day complimentary one from Futurismic with invite to submit again.
64-day personalized reject from Ellen Datlow from SCI FICTION, again with invite to submit more.
1-day whiplash-inducing reject from Surreal letting me know I'm welcome to submit again.

Oof. It's an ice cream and chocolate sort of day. A sale would be nice right about now.

New words: Editing
Did a couple passes on the folktale and have handed it off to Matthew. Now it's back to work on the novel.

Club 100 For Writers
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