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No more short film screenings, please!

fosteronfilm got the first batch of Dragon*Con Film Festival submissions in the mail. He's subjecting me to hour after hour of independently filmed and produced short films. Suffice it to say that it's not my cuppa. I may need to hole up in the bedroom with my laptop while he's doing his initial screenings. Glah.

Writing Stuff

Did some reorganizing of the menu system for Tangent. Nothing dramatic, added some cover art graphics to the intro sections to punch up the front page appearance, and added another category or two to the "Divergences" menu.

New words: 140
On the folktale. Also did a couple editing passes, further research tweaking, added an author's note for the end, and composed my cover letter to Cricket. It's at zero draft. Going to foist it on Matthew, and then send it up the Critters queue.

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