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Spontaneous hardware rejuvenation

The DVD burner spontaneously, err, healed itself. fosteronfilm let it rest for a night, and when he booted it the next day, it once again recognized the DVD-ROM. He had to fiddle with some settings to get it working beyond that, and we lost Nero--and it looks like we're going to have to buy a new copy of it--but it functions again. Very mysterious. I took it as a reminder that technology is capricious and did a thorough back-up, something I've been a little lax about since I got my laptop. I also set a timely reminder on my system to make backups on a regular basis.

Writing Stuff

New words: 400
Also 100 anti-words and 2 editing passes (all on the folktale). Hit "The End" but I want to do a couple more passes before I declare it to be at zero draft. It does feel amazing to finish another story, though. One of the things I really miss while working on The Novel is the rush of completing something. Wooiee!

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