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Friday ups and downs

Started out with a nice, relaxing Friday evening. Brewed some Harry & David coffee and mixed in the drinking chocolate teflaime gave us. Mmm, nummy mocha. Then watched trashy horror movies (The Craft and Jeepers Creepers II) with Hobkin curled up at my side. An excellent setting for much writing.

Got an email from a recruiter for a company in Dunwoody looking for a systems analyst. Went out to their website, and I liked what I saw. Nice benefits, and the commute wouldn't be bad. Emailed him my resume. Waiting to hear back (I suspect not until Monday at the earliest). Hoping if they want an interview it'll be a face-to-face one instead of a phone one.

But now the DVD burner (on our desktop) appears to be on the fritz. The computer refuses to acknowledge that it even exists. Bios is totally unresponsive. fosteronfilm can't even get the tray to open, which is particularly bothersome because there's a DVD in it. I'm at a loss at what to do about hardware. It leaves me feeling helpless and frustrated.

Writing Stuff

I did indeed come up with something to editorialize about for Tangent: the new Macmillan UK "New Writer" imprint, and The Guardian article about it. What did I have to say? Read the editorial!

New words: 544
On the folktale. Past the climax and starting into the denouement. Another good writing session and I'll be at zero draft. Rah.

Club 100 For Writers

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