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Hanging in there

Thanks to everyone who posted well wishes yesterday. I'm still hurting today, but I'm better. I love Sudafed. It makes me sniffly and wired, but anything that eases the pressure is a godsend.

Dragged Matthew out for a walk. We both could use the exercise. It was a lovely evening, cool and soft. It helped my headache, although my wingstubs still ached. Makes for a hard time writing, but it was good to get out. Also had a nice, long soak in the hot tub, which helped unkink the muscles that are all tensed up from hurting all the time. Trying to limit my non-writing keyboard time to give my body a chance to heal. Trying.

10 min/day

Writing Stuff

keesa_renee, fellow Critter (currently on hiatus), totally made my day. In her LJ post yesterday she listed her favorite short stories, and she included two of mine with works by O. Henry and H.C. Bunner. I need to print that post frame it. It put a much needed glowy smile on my face. Thank you, Keesa. I'm honored beyond words. And, to further illustrate how totally cool she is, she introduced me to the most amazing concept, BookCrossing, where folks set their books free to be enjoyed by others.

New Words: 550 on the short story

Club 100 For Writers


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