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Not my favorite May Day

Had a lot of pain issues yesterday. Wingstubs flaring up and a sinus headache that all but reduced me to tears. Did some yoga, which helped but only briefly, and sat down to write with limited success. In the end, I curled up with Hobkin and tried to sleep, but couldn't relax. So Matthew read to me--one of the stories out of the Polyphony 4 anthology, actually a part of one of the stories--and I managed to relax enough to fall asleep. I love my hubby.

Still hurting this morning, which does not bode well for the day.

10 min/day

Writing Stuff

Did 200 words on the fantasy short, but couldn't push on. Stupid traitorous human suit. Did some research on Han warfare tactics, armor, and weaponry. The Chinese had handheld crossbows in 200 BC. They also had steel. Wow. Also did some research into the clothing styles, Hanfu, which were very different from the mandarin styles that gained prominence in subsequent dynasties.

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