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xXx, interview prep

fosteronfilm and I went to an advance screening of xXx: State of the Union last night. I thought the first xXx was pretty fun. Vacuous, but fun. I was hoping the sequel would be similarly enjoyable. Unfortunately, it was pretty sucky. The dialog was beyond sucky, though, it was really terrible. As in embarrassingly awful. There were a few amusing one-liners, but basically, it left me wondering who the screenwriter slept with in order to land such a cushy gig, 'cause it certainly wasn't through their writing abilities. The storyline was simplistic and contrived, and the urban stereotypes were second in badness (not the good badness, the bad kind) only in comparison to the dialog. There were fun elements, but . . . ah, just read fosteronfilm's review of it. He does a better job of picking it apart and analyzing all the pieces than I could.

arkhamrefugee was going to try to snag us advance screening tix to Serenity for the May 5th showing in Atlanta which I have much more faith in. Unfortunately, they're only selling tickets in pairs, so he wasn't able to get the requisite number. Damn. (Yes, I've seen the trailer. How could I miss it? Every other person on my FL seems to have linked to it. Hey, wouldn't want to buck the trend: Serenity Trailer.) I'm a total Firefly fangirl. Joss Whedon, squee! Must. See. Serenity.

Got my phone interview this afternoon. So far, nervous, but not of the twitching, shivering variety. I also got a call from a different head hunter for a business analyst position for, again, a similar salary range as my previous position, and again, they're local so I wouldn't have to commute downtown. That helps mitigate some of the anxiety as it seems there are multiple job opportunities for the sort of work I do in the area. If I screw this interview up, I'll have other options. It gives me the luxury of being able to evaluate the company this afternoon as well as being evaluated by them.

It does appear that the head hunters have found me. Yay? Again, pleased to be getting calls, but ambivalent about returning to a 9-5 cubicle-monkey position. But if that's what it takes to put food on the table (or more to the point, keep my health benefits), then I better suck it up and resign myself to being a corporate drone. Again. Being a responsible grown-up has its downers.

Writing Stuff

Words: Rewrite of folktale going well. Pair of passes and I'm pretty pleased with it. Going to give it another spit shine, and then package it up to Cricket. I've received so many critiques from Critters on this one that it blows my stats figuring to hell. Generally the story was quite well received. It made one reviewer cry, which surprised me because I didn't think it was as emotionally wrenching as some of my other works, but I'm always delighted when I evoke such a heartfelt response.

And I'm very excited that jinzi's new erotica publication, Anaisdotmfk, is taking shape nicely. Having a story in the premier issue ("Only Springtime When She's Gone"), I've gotten to see the site pre-unveiling, and it's really gorgeous. It's going live on May 1st. Keep your clicking fingers poised!

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