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Pyramid scheme, rah!

Okay, thanks to girlmecha, I have joined a pyramid scheme. No, I'm not selling Amway. There's a site that pays you to do Google searches. pays you $.02/search if you search from their site, for up to 40 searches/day. Since I do Internet searches regularly on a daily basis--research, amusement, boredom--I figure I may as well get paid for it. They pay via PayPal on the 15th of every month if you earn >= $50, otherwise your earnings roll over to the next month.

Here's the pyramid part: when you refer people, Netbux pays you an additional $.02/search that they make. I believe their business model is to get as many users and hits on their site as possible so they can provide these numbers to advertisers, who then pay to advertise such a high-traffic site. I believe.

I have no idea whether this is legit, but they only asked for my email address upon registration, so I figure, no harm, no foul. They do send you one ad when you register, but I promptly deleted it and have not been spammed by them since.

(Edit: Here's their privacy policy verbatim:
"Upon registering with Netbux your e-mail address will be added to an outgoing e-mail invite to an optional subscription to special offers newsletter brought to you by our partner, Focalex. This is totally optional and if you aren't interested, simply delete the e-mail. Your e-mail address will also be shown to your referrer so he can contact you if needed. Other than this, your e-mail address will stay encrypted and sealed from the public. We will never sell your e-mail address to marketing companies or send you unsolicited mail.")

So, if y'all are inclined to embark upon this "pay for surfing" experiment with me, I'd appreciate it kindly if you'd click on the link above (or this one: LINKIE) and register. Then surf away from their site. Of note, you do need to type in an extra two digits with your search which is their way of verifying that you're not a bot or some other cheating surf method. But I figure, that's earning the payout--one keystroke a cent.

Normally, I wouldn't try something like this, being incredibly skeptical of such things. But it's amazing what a little bout of unemployment will get a person to do. Hey, it's not a get rich quick plan, but it might be skunk food . . .

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