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Hobkin on the mend

Hobkin had plenty of appetite yesterday, which I found very reassuring. He ate most of his lunch, begged for a snack before dinner (which I gave him because I am a total softie), and scarfed down his whole dinner. He also went tearing around the house, stomping at shadows, so all appears to be well. I wish he didn't have these bouts of upset tummy so often. It worries me.

Writing Stuff

Received my contrib. copies of June's Realms of Fantasy. Yay!

Also received a very curt 31-day "we've decided not to accept it for publication" from Strange Horizons without even an invite to submit again. Ouch. That story really seems not to have gone over well with them. Well, foo.

3 more crits from Critters, bringing my total thus far to, um *counts on fingers* twenty. I'm so behind in thank you notes.
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